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Funds do not Expire
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Fee Free (No Purchase Charge) promotions related to the American Express® Gift Card are intended for user presented with the offer and is not valid on Gift Card purchases made through partner sites. Purchase must be made via the link provided with Fee Free  (No Purchase Charge) offer.

American Express Gift Cards and Business Gift Cards are useable in the U.S., Puerto Rico and USVI and can not be used at cruise lines, for recurring billing purchases, or at ATMs. Additional limitations apply. See American Express Gift Card Cardholder Agreement or American Express Business Gift Card Cardholder Agreement or Target American Express Gift Card Cardholder Agreement or Hilton American Express Gift Card Cardholder Agreement, as applicable.

American Express does not ship American Express Gift Cards or Business Gift Cards, which are ordered from this web site, to the states of HI and VT.

American Express Prepaid Card Management Corporation, c/o American Express Executive Consumer Relations Team, 4315 S, 2700 W., Salt Lake City, UT, 84184. For Customer Service, please call 1-877-297-4438.